What I Tweeted This Week

  • Mori: “Sorry Oscar but I’m not so well today so no flghts. May have Daddy’s cold” #
  • @ ThatStripeyCat Thanks for the follow and LOVE that hat! #
  • WOW Mummy got a lie-in. All cats somewhere! Saidi bless her still snuggled on the bed! #
  • Yippeee! Mummy got me the green hat I wanted! Thank you Mummy!!! #
  • @MightyMason Thank you … so kind … yours looks pretty cool too! in reply to MightyMason #
  • Wow the sun is shining here … Spring! All cat buddies alseep on bed after a morning of play! #
  • Oscar Baby:”Gosh Mummy you had a lie-in and I was HUNGRY!” #
  • Mori: “Daddy says I am Puurrrfect cos I’m SOooo nice to baby Oscar” #
  • Oscar: “OK as you’ve brought it, I’ll eat! I pay and play and forget my food!” #
  • @Luzinha_Franzoi Thank you! in reply to Luzinha_Franzoi #
  • Little Bono our rescue kid will be taking off for his new life in Switzerland right now! #
  • Mori: “I quite like Oscar’s new biscuits. Not sure if he does though!” #
  • Ok we are all sleepy cos Daddy has a bad cough and kept us all awake in the night. #
  • Wow Mummy is sleepy too. After a very busy stray cats time maybe the gym wasn’t the best idea!!! #
  • Oscar:”If I pretend to be already asleep, can I stay on the bed again tonight? Oops didn’t mean to start purring!” #
  • Oscar: “Great brekkie Mum, and Mori got some too, BUT Saidi got special chicken! Because she is being nice to me too” #
  • No joy re. catching pregnat Mimi, but Monty enjoted a tummy tickle today and was purring! #
  • Saidi: “Lovely Rub-a-dub Mummy!” #
  • Think I’ve found a feral cat trap online in the UK. Hope they will deliver to Spain #
  • Failed again to catch very pregnant Mimi cat .. she is SOoo squittish now. I have a VERy bad feeling about this … #
  • Oscar: “OK I’m rested & re-fuelled. Who wants to play?” #
  • Mori:”May be time to take off my green hat. What can I have next?” #
  • @PantherQueen Now that’s an idea! Might be fun. I’ll ask Mori what he thinks in reply to PantherQueen #
  • @PantherQueen Where did you get your ears? in reply to PantherQueen #
  • @PantherQueen Thank you. I’ll check it out … in reply to PantherQueen #
  • @PantherQueen Mori: “Yep think cottontails would be going a bit far” in reply to PantherQueen #
  • Prawn time in our house … weekend treat #
  • Lazy morning here; a few days off working with the strays for me. playing with my own cats #
  • Mori: ” WOW little Oscar is licking me now. Actually rather nice!” #
  • @EmmytheCat Mori:”I do lots of fighting as well, with my new little buddy Oscar”. in reply to EmmytheCat #
  • Playing on the roof with my 3 cats. Warm evening … Spring is here i Spain. #
  • Said: “It is mothers day AND I had kittes SO where is my treat?!!” #
  • Wow Baby Oscar & Mori completely snuggled up together after lots of licking. Sweeeet!!! #
  • Finding out about Cat Scratch Disease! #
  • Oscar: “Mori looks sleepy still, SO I think I’ll see if Saidi would like to play!” SOME hope!!! #

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