What I Tweeted This Week

  • Little Mimi stray cat was late and nearly missed her supper! #
  • Mori is yelling to play on the roof … BUT it is dark and very cold up there now!!! #
  • Mori snoozing on top of the sofa RIGHT by the heater! #
  • @OscarTheCat Sunshine & good wishes from Mori & Saidi in Spain #
  • All watched England draw test match. Actually Mori & Saidi and i were asleep! #
  • Saidi has her glass of water by the side of the bed … and I have mine behind some books!!! #
  • Off to try and catch 2 semi-feral females … wish me luck!!! #
  • Success. Got 1 female and 1 male. Delivered for sterilisation! More feral female bit me and I dropped her!! Next week!!! #
  • @pappup Now you have 700!!! #
  • Off to collect our sterilised strays and take them to the cat rescue for a few days #
  • http://twitpic.com/1l79b – Bono Chilling #
  • Oops one cross female cat. Caught her for op AND vet said she has already been spayed cos of clip in her ear!!! We did not see it!!! #
  • Ouch1 Aching wrist from semi-feral cat bite! didn’t grab her quite right!!! #
  • Saidi says she doesn’t want her meds this am & WHERE ARE THE PRAWNS! #
  • OOh sleep Sat am … sun shining … Mori cat helping to put up table tennis table & Saidi cat chilling in the sun … lovely!!! #
  • Off to feed the little buddies in the stree #
  • Monty Siamese (street cat) is SO gentle and bootiful. Wonder if he would like a home one day? #
  • Saidi: “Great fun helping Mum make the bed. Lots of jumping and burrowing!!!” #
  • Oops up very early with Saidi & Mori. We DO like to play at this time!!! They do anyway … #
  • @Miowkitty Mori & Saidi: “WOW we love your home page. Good to Eat!!!” in reply to Miowkitty #

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