Why are rabbits STILL being tormented?

Right now, inside the non-descript walls of an animal testing facility, a rabbit’s heart is pounding in terror as an experimenter applies harmful chemicals to her eyes. The pain she is forced to endure is agonising.

Over the course of weeks, her eyes will likely bleed and develop ulcers and lesions on their surface. She may go completely blind before the experimenter decides she’s of no more use and kills her.

The use of animals in cosmetics tests is banned in the European Union, but as a result of shameful, erroneous interpretations of the Cosmetics Regulation, rabbits and other animals have been freshly condemned to endure excruciating pain in laboratory experiments – blinded, poisoned, or dying in fear and agony for ingredients used in personal-care products.

Will you help PETA end animals’ misery by donating to the “Stop Animal Testing” challenge today? We’ve set a goal of raising £250,000 before our deadline of 31 October, and we need you with us to have the best chance of getting there. Your gift to this special challenge will be matched, doubling in impact for rabbits and other animals!

Today’s compassionate consumers embrace the huge variety of cruelty-free products available, whether that’s cosmetics, household products, or even food and drink – yet rabbits and other animals still suffer in horrific tests. Experts from the PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. are helping European companies appeal against some misguided decisions requiring animal tests for cosmetics ingredients. Campaigns by PETA and our international affiliates have helped wipe out cosmetics testing on animals in most of the world, so China – which still requires tests on animals for cosmetics – has become the new battleground in the fight to end this cruelty.

In order to jumpstart change in China, PETA US – after exposing the testing – supplied the initial funding and an additional grant to the Institute of In Vitro Sciences for the launch of its cutting-edge, collaborative work to train scientists in China. We’ve seen steady progress, including the acceptance of six non-animal tests and an animal testing waiver on some products manufactured in the country. Now, after eight years of dedicated work, we’re eagerly anticipating the release of new regulations that could allow many cosmetics products to be imported into and sold in China without being tested on animals.

We’re achieving landmark progress together – so please, as long as any rabbit, rat, or other animal is being tormented in a laboratory, stay with us as we work hard to stop that suffering.

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