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This afternoon I got news of our final 2 kittens that arrived in Germany yesterday. This slight delay was because Martina didn’t get home until midnight last night and was out early this morning to work. Basically after work yesterday she drove to pick up these 2, take Xabi to his temporary foster home, and then little Chivers a long way to his new family. :

“Xabi is in a foster home and very well he was hunting flies when i met him yesterday…he will stay there with 2 boys from alondra which go to their new home next weekend…in the foster home lives an other male cat and a dog..so it will not be boring….ginger was singing all the time while i was driving to his new mum and there he jumped on her legs, show her his stomach and made schnrrrrrrrrrrr…for the rest of the time…she is totally in love…unfortunately litlle edy was not, but i´m sure..he will be ;o)”

Little Edy is the other 3 month old kitten who I’m sure will soon be Chiver’s new best friend. Meanwhile Xabi does have a permanent home to go to. His new family are on holiday until the start of August so, as Martina put it, he is on holiday too until their return.

All good news!

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  1. Chris

    As ever impressed at the dedication and effort of these girls in Germany!

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