Zero Tolerance On Cat Boxes

Last November I wrote about the cheap cat boxes that people were using and requested that people put the welfare of their (and the other) cats before their own wallet.

May as well have been speaking to a brick wall it seems as we are still getting a lot of really poor quality cat boxes brought to the transports.

Well no more. With immediate effect we are introducing a Zero Tolerance policy on cat boxes which do not conform to our requirements.

First, we are only allowing people to use SMALL cat boxes (50cm x 32cm x 32cm) unless they have emailed and requested a larger size (57cm x 38cm x 36cm) when using the booking form. Note though, requesting does not mean you will be allocated one. We have a VERY limited amount of space for larger cat boxes so we will email you to confirm if you can have one.

Second, if you are not providing a proper water dish (i.e. NOT a cut down plastic water bottle) that has been cable tied to the door of the cat box we will NOT load your cat box.

Third, if you arrive unprepared for loading i.e. you think it is a good idea to open the door of your cat box outside of your own vehicle (with the doors closed) to adjust bedding, water dish etc then you are putting your cat at risk, and risking delaying the transport so we will NOT load your cat box.

Fourth, if your cat box requires tape or bungee straps to keep it securely closed it will NOT be loaded on the van.

Fifth, if your cat box does not have a door that closes like the one in the picture below it will NOT be loaded on the van.

It is very very simple. We have a responsibility to get your cat and the other cats to their destination safely and quickly. We have invested heavily in order to be able to do this. If you are not prepared to ensure that your cat can travel safely in the correct cat box, or you think you have the right to delay the transport of the other cats while you mess about then forget it, we are not interested in transporting your cat.

We have a huge problem if people bring larger cat boxes than we are expecting as we prepare a specific loading plan based on the booking forms. Not only does it delay the loading while we try and accommodate the larger boxes, it risks putting the safety of the other cats at risk if their boxes are an inferior quality as (for example) to tightly stacked boxes can make a weak door pop open, so we need to ensure that a) the cat boxes are the right quality and b) they are the right size.

All the information you need regarding this is on the site so read it!

This is a good box. Note the secure way the doors close, no top loading door to cause loading issues and allow escape, and sturdy clips to secure the box.


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