We have two key priorities in transporting your animal: to ensure it is delivered safe and sound, and to minimise the amount of time it takes to transport the animal without breaking any laws or taking unnecessary risks. As such we never leave the van unattended when we have animals on board, we use the Shuttle so that we can remain with the animals and we are not under pressure to meet a departure time, and where necessary we arrange for convenient pick up and drop off locations, to minimise the time all the animals.

We run six weekly to the UK and the EU so please check the Schedule to check the dates and availability.


These are our ‘usual’ locations which are available on the Booking Forms. We do have a few other locations which are used for our Preferred Partners so we may swap your location for one of those when we arrange the transport.

PLEASE note that the actual locations used vary depending on bookings so the closer we get to a transport date some locations may not be available so please check first.


CostaPet: Ensanche de la Cala 29649 GPS: 36.512861, -4.68800699999999705 or N36°30’46.3″ W4°41’16.825″

Malaga: McDonalds Car park opposite IKEA GPS: 36.658608,-4.484696 or N36°39’31.0″ W4°29’04.9″ 

Cordoba: Gasolinera Palmeras 14029 on A4 GPS: 37.893104, -4.683105 or N37°53’35.2″ W4°40’59.2″

Granada: Calle Diego de Siloe, 3, Monachil, 18193, GRANADA GPS: 37.138448, -3.569776 or N37°08’18.4″ W3°34’11.2″

Repsol Almeria: J460 A7 GPS 36.8750764, -2.3382650000000003 or N36°52’30.275″ W2°20’17.7541″ 

Los Gallardos A7 J529: GPS: 37.2203285, -1.9112202999999681 or N37°13’13.183″ W1°54’40.393″ 

El Limite: J565 A7 GPS: 37.481193,-1.870318 or N37°28’52.295″ W1°52’13.144″

San Javier: Car Park next to Garden Centre GPS: 37.789025, -0.837804 or N37°47’20.49″ W0°50’16.094″ 

Repsol Santomera: GPS: 38.0999167, -1.0389444444444444 or N38°5’59.7″ W1°2’20.2¨

La Marina Services: AP7 GPS: 38.534972, -0.208765 or N38°32’5.899″ W0°12’31.553″

San Antonio Services: A7 GPS: 38.789495, 0.06456 or N38°47’22.182″ E0°3’52.416″

Valencia: J517 A7 McDonalds: GPS 39.4203833, -0.50578 or N39°25’13.380″ W0°30’20.808″

Barcelona: Bellaterra Service Station AP 7, KM 151, Exit 21 GPS: 41.492347, 2.102135 or N41°29’32.5″ E2°06’07.7″ 


Narbonne: TOTAL Service Station, Aire de Narbonne Vinassan SUD, A9, 11110 Salles-d’Aude, France GPS: 43.22781519999999, 3.104361899999958 or N43°13’40.135″ E3°6’15.702″

Lyon: Aire de Service de Sérézin-du-Rhône GPS: 45.631767, 4.819684000000052 or N45°37’54.361″ E4°49’10.862″

Calais: Pet Reception Boulevard du Kent, 62231 GPS: 50.9349094, 1.8114259000000175 or N50°56’5.674″ E1°48’41.133″


Freiburg: Autohof Bremgarten 79258 Hartheim am Rhein GPS: 47.90817200000001, 7.592581999999993 or N47°54’29.419″ E7°35’33.295″

Bruchsal: GPS: 49.1219483, 8.552891666666667 or N49°7’19.014″ E8°33’10.410″ 

Wallau: GPS: 50.084130, 8.361151 or N50°5’2.824″ E8°21’39.817″

Cologne: GPS: 50.8994142, 7.151899722222223 or N50°53’57.891″ E7°9’6.839″


Veghel: Shell Garage Schimmel Veghel, Ncb-Laan 117, Veghel GPS: 51.6164737, 5.520915699999932 or N51°36’59.305″ E5°31’15.296″

Rotterdam: Oosterparkweg 17 A, 2986 AJ Ridderkerk, Netherlands GPS: 51.8587366, 4.606319100000064  or N51°51’31.452″ E4°36’22.748″


Ghent: Holstraat 5, 9940 Ertvelde, Belgium GPS: 51.1815184, 3.7451505000000225 or N51°10’53.466″ E3°44’42.541″


Folkestone Services: Stop 24, Stanford Intersection, CT21 4BL GPS: 51.0949278, 1.0440896999999723 or N51°5’41.74″ E1°2’38.722″

Maidstone Services: Musket Lane, Hollingbourne, Maidstone ME17 1UU GPS: 51.2617445, 0.6237426000000141 or N51°15’42.28″ E0°37’25.473″

Cribbs Causeway: Travelodge Bristol Cribbs Causeway Hotel, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol BS10 7TL GPS: 51.526159, -2.615436000000045 or N51°31’34.172″ W0°36’55.569″

Midlands: Hopwood Park Services Junction 2 M42, Redditch Road, Alvechurch, B48 7AU GPS: 52.3486612, -1.9582461999999623 or N52°20’55.18″ W1°57’29.686″

Cambridge: Extra’s Service Area Boxworth, Cambridge, CB23 4WU GPS: 52.2688558, -0.008838599999990038 or N52°16’7.881″ W0°0’31.818″

Newcastle: Washington Motorway Services Area, A1 M, Birtley, Chester-le-Street, Tyne and Wear, DH3 2SJ GPS: 54.8893239, -1.5598337000000129 or N54°53’21.566″ W1°33’35.401″

Edinburgh: 28 Drunmore Drive, Prestonpans, EH32 9BZ GPS: 55.9534714, -2.9915098999999827 or N55°57’12.497″ W2°59’29.435″

Glasgow: South Bound Motorway Fallside Road, Bothwell, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G71 8BG GPS: 55.8124068, -4.065318700000034 or N55°48’44.664″ W4°3’55.147″

Penrith: Orton, Penrith CA10 3SB GPS: 54.4496537, -2.6099818999999798 or N54°26’58.753″ W2°36’35.934

Heysham Harbour: Heysham, LA3 2XF GPS: 54.0362495, -2.912281500000063 or N54°2’10.498 W2°54’44.213

Stoke: 14 Jonathan Road, Trentham, ST4 8LP GPS: 52.956419, -2.178093 or N52°57’23.108″ W2°10’41.134″

If you want more details then put the GPS co-ordinates into Google Maps

You may find this GPS Coordinates Converter useful


If we need to collect animals from Portugal, Seville, Madrid etc we will do the day before the transport and kennel them with us in Malaga the night before the transport departs.

We have kennel facilities at our UK home in Stoke that we use as necessary when delivering animals, or for animals traveling back with us.

We have used the same pick up and drop off locations each transport, and the same schedule for years so please don’t ask us to change the schedule or add additional locations. 80% of our transport spaces are taken by our preferred partners under contract so they have priority, hence the locations and schedule.

One reason we only use our pick up locations in Spain is that the van is designed for the road, not driving up unmade roads to animals rescues. We have incurred enough repair costs already and so will not take the van ‘off road’. Also what may seem like ‘just 20 mins’ to you is indeed closer to an hour for us by the time we have taken a detour, loaded the animal, and then driven back to our route. Multiply that by the number of animals on board and we would be adding an unsustainable amount of time to a transport.

We prefer to use our locations as we know they are suitable. If we are delivering to your home or a location chosen by you please ensure it is safe for the animal. Please check out the location in advance for accessibility, parking, space, traffic, loading pre arranged donations etc. Please provide us with the exact GPS co-ordinates for any location (including home address) that you require delivery to.

When transporting under TRACES we must have the full postal address for the location the animal will be living at. This is the address where the animal will spend the first 48 hours and be available for inspection by the AHVLA if they want. It IS acceptable to arrange a convenient meeting point to hand over the animal under the terms of the TRACES Scheme, but the form and Declaration must have the residential address for the animal.

Under no circumstances should you consider changing a dogs collar or harness anywhere other than the security of your car or home. The same applies to the transfer of a cat or small dog from travel box to car or other travel box. Please take this into consideration when suggesting a location. Remember it is your suggestion. You know it we don’t. You are responsible for the suitability of the location. If we arrive and are uncomfortable we will drive on and find an alternative and contact you.

Finally please take into consideration the van size. Just because you can get your car down a road it doesn’t mean the van will fit.

IF we add additional countries to the route we have regular drop off locations that we use, and these will be listed on the Transport Page for the specific transport.

Once you have booked you will receive details to access the password protected transport page where you will find the GPS co-ordinates for each location.

Where possible we deliver to the door in the UK, although that is not always an option for further reaching places. In those instances we will arrange a convenient meeting point with you, but please be prepared to travel up to two hours when you make your booking so that we can arrange the most time effective schedule for the delivery of all the animals.

It is always an option for you to collect your pet from our home in Stoke, which has a specifically built kennel area to keep your pet safe and sound.

We can not not take pets to Ireland as we simply do not have the time. However it is much cheaper for you to meet us at Holyhead (from Dublin) and collect your pet as you can use the ferry as a foot passenger so long as your pet will fit in a travel crate that you can carry onboard. If Holyhead is not an option for you please contact us before booking as we may be able to meet at another port but it will depend on the schedule for that trip so please do not book anything until you have confirmed with us.

Our usual route back through Spain from the UK is pretty much the same as our route to the UK, but we can accommodate most locations in Spain, although some may incur additional costs if we need to kennel the animals at our home in Almerimar and deliver the next day(s).

Please check out the Schedule page for our typical schedules for both the UK And EU transports, and for current availability on future transports.

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