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Little Softie Kika

Finally news has started to come through about yesterday’s little travellers. The transport was 4.5 hours late at some destinations (poor Jos driving), and as the usual girls were not doing the pick-ups, communication hadn’t been quite as prompt. However all as usual seems fine!

Kika and Betty’s new adoptant has already fallen for their charms.
Verena is VERY happy with her new cats Betty and kika… first way of them was the cat toilet… both are okay… both eat well… and then they spent time looking in the apartment… the night was quiet and both slept… all is fine and both seems to be healthy


Cute Little Betty

Meanwhile sister Ruthie is charming her foster parents and is “very relaxed”, in fact SO happy and relaxed that these lovely people are thinking they may keep her. These are the couple who have already adopted Lutz, so it would be great for Ruthie if she got to stay with them, particularly as she has been separated from her 2 sisters.


Sweet Little Ruthie

I have also heard that Luc and Lucie were collected fine from the transport, also by Sinem, who has Ruthie. She emailed that “Luc is a very lovely guy too“, but I look forward to more news from the foster home as Lucie is one of our nervous ones, and will find the change of home more difficult. At least we have managed to keep her with her chosen friend Luc, the cuddle cat. We are hoping that he will continue to help her trust people more.


Cuddle Boy Luc


Beautiful Lucie

SO that just leaves me waiting for new of Britta, our gorgeous mummy cat. I know that we would have heard if there were any problems, but it will be good to know she is settled, particularly as this lovely, gentle girl has just been separated from her kittens, Farley and Molly, AND their last day together with Dawn was spoilt by loud building work!

On the good news front, I have heard today that a lovely lady with a beautiful big apartment would like to adopt her, and for Britta, being a quiet, very refined people cat, this sounds like the perfect home.


Lovely, Gentle Britta

Anyway we have successfully sent 6 more beautiful cats to better lives in Germany. Thank you again to Dawn, Jenny, Tracey, Nicola and Erika, their foster Mums and to everyone else who has helped me to achieve this!

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  1. Jenny

    Always such a relief to know that all cats and kitties have arrived safely in Germany and of course particularly good when we hear they are already settling in to new homes. Fingers crossed for news that Britta soon finds a perfect human! (She’s so lovely and deserves the best!!)

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