Tighter PET Scheme Controls

On our last Scheduled Pet Transport to the UK from Spain, the officers at the Pet Passport Control at Calais took a photo copy of the signed Declarations from the pets owners giving us permission to transport their animals.

In seven years of transporting pets this was the first time that we have been asked for these documents, although they told me that they had been asking for them from Day One!!

Obviously they haven’t, but the fact that they did shows an increase in the controls they are imposing.

Earlier this year they started to make a record of the pets passport and microchip details before they scanned the pets, so now they have a record of the pets AND a signed Declaration from the owner saying that it is their pet and giving details of any third party that is receiving the pet on their behalf. The Declaration has the Owners Name, Post Code, Signature and confirmation that is their pet and there will not be a transfer of ownership once the pet is in the UK.

I think it is fair to assume that this is another step in their attempts to stop the ongoing abuse of the PETS Scheme for rescue animals.

Our position remains the same.

As a Transporter of Pets we have a responsibility to ensure that people are aware of the difference between the PETS Scheme and TRACES, and to gain confirmation when Booking that the correct Scheme is being used.

We then need to make sure that when we collect the animal the paperwork is correct.

So when you book an animal with us on the PETS Scheme you will receive a confirmation email which includes the following:

As you have booked on the PETS Scheme it is important that you note the following:

The rules relating to the PETS Scheme are the same whenever an animal is crossing an EU border, so apply to ALL pets we transport on this Scheme.

The authorities have become much stricter regards the abuse of the PETS Scheme and they now have the ability to check who the animal is registered to, and of course any mistake on the passport and they will refuse entry to the animal.

More countries now ask their vets to notify the Government Vet when a foreign passport is presented so they can check which Scheme was used AND arrange home visits to check both the animal and the paperwork. For example this could require you to prove you were living in the country, or owned a property in the country, at the time the animal was registered to you.

As the transporter we are not responsible for the correct Scheme being used. It is the responsibility of the owner to select the correct Scheme, complete the correct booking form, and produce the necessary paperwork.

As such we will need you to provide us with:

– A photograph of the Owners Page of the pet passport to see that the animal is in your name with your signature (only required on New Passports where it asks for signature)
– A photograph of the Microchip Page so we can see the microchip number and the date
– A photograph of the Rabies Page so we can see that the rabies vaccination details are correct and that the vet has added their phone number as well as the rabies sticker, stamp, and signature (only required on New Passports where it indicates is required)
– A photograph of the Microchip Registration form with your address & signature, which of course must be the same as the signature in the passport

It is IMPORTANT to note that with the new style passports it is mandatory that:

– The Owner address, name and signature are at the front of the passport and are the same as on the Microchip Registration certificate
– The Issuing Vet details are completed fully
– The rabies stamp also has the vets telephone number.

The Owner is required to complete the online Declaration Form giving us permission to transport their pet. The Owners name, post code and signature must be the same as in the Pet Passport and on the Microchip registration form.

The pet passport office at Calais who inspect both the animal and the paperwork are meant to keep a copy of this Declaration so the authorities have a record of pets name, passport and microchip, the Owners name, post code and signature, and any third party the pet was delivered to.

We will check all of these before accepting your animal on board the van. Any issues with the pet passport which would prohibit the animal from traveling and we will NOT accept the animal on board and we will NOT provide a refund.

Unless the above are all correct they would not allow entry for the animal so we can not transport it.

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