Foster Cats Update 25/08/09

Thought it was time for a quick update on all our foster cats … we currently have 18! This includes a beautiful new 6-week old kitten that Jean and George have taken in, and that I have yet to meet.

Firstly Nicola and Erika continue to do a fantastic job, currently fostering 11 cats! Tommy is our big loving FIV positive tomcat, who is still waiting for the right new home. This has proved difficult over the summer due to holidays and kitten fever, but I am hoping for some good news soon. I love this old cat, but he is a small risk to other cats so really needs to live alone, and he needs an owner with the resources to treat any ailments fast, as he is immuno-compromised. He is becoming our toughest to re-home and our most expensive rescue to date, but I for one think he is worth ALL the time and trouble.

Then there is Keba, the very nervous siamese, and her 4 rather wild kittens (1 tabby girl and 3 black siamese, we think boys), rescued from Darsena 2. Gizmo, mentioned in the latest phlog, is the most aggressive of the 4 but amazingly due to some rather nice photos I managed to get of him, he appears to have a home waiting in Germany already! We are finding this hard to believe as we are not even convinced that he is tamable yet, but his prospective owner understands wild cats, has 5 other big cats and sounds perfect. Now we just need to catch him again and take the little ‘devil’ back to Karin and Miguel to start his injection.

I also heard today that Snoopy (who bit me yesterday!), and his slightly sweeter brother Luke have people interested in them, who also understand and accept that Snoopy is still a little nervous.

Meanwhile Baby Felix and little Pippa continue to play and grow, and Lutz from one of our earlier rescue litters has joined the throng, to help balance out the wild and tame kitten numbers, and protect the smaller ones from Gizmo! He will be off to Miguel on Monday for castration, and being a rather beautiful half siamese (new photos to be published tomorrow), I am sure he will find a home soon.

Pam still has Ginger Jasper, who may actually get to stay if he makes friends with her 2 older female cats. Capone her younger boy already loves him; they play lots and Capone, who had grown into a rather fat lazy cat, is already losing weight!!!

Jean and George meanwhile still have Luki and Mimi, the sister and brother of Lutz, little ginger Goldie female, who will travel to her new home in September (photos to be published tomorrow), and the new kitten.

And finally, Pedro and Pablo who we took from Jos’s dog rescue, where they got stuck in a small dog cage, having been left by their owners, are off on the transport to Germany this Thursday, initially to a foster home. These 2 are not strictly Almerimar cats, and Jos has sorted all their vet treatment, but I was happy to be able to help them with foster home here, and send them to the great girls in Germany, who I am sure will find them a great home too. Tracey and Kev, and now Dawn and Nick have found these 2 adorable.

Ok that’s all for now and 18 is quite enough, and are stretching our resources. Pedro and Pablo go on Thursday, but we have yet to rescue big Beau, the last cat from Calle Alcor (who will go to a rescue home in Almeria initially), and Lucia the remaining rock cat, a pretty white female. In addition, Jos has 5 more darling tame kittens about 2 months old, sitting in a big cage in the surgery, desperately wanting to get out, and whom I would love to help. A shortage of foster homes is the biggest problem at the moment, so if anyone can help even for a couple of weeks, please do get in touch.

AND if you would like to read more about the cats mentioned in this post, please click on their names if they appear in the Tag Cloud or use the search facility.

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